After having a conversation over the phone today with a fellow about watches, I noticed he pronounced the word “Submariner” as in Rolex Submariner as sub MAH ren ner. Like the baseball team the Seattle Mariners but with Sub in front. I pronouce it Sub mah REEN ner like the word Submarine with an R on the end.


I decided I would check it out and find out what the proper way of saying it is. I thought it would have been easier. From gathering the information all over the net, I have found that the old school sailors that would be in the submarines, would use my pronunciation, Sub mah REEN ner. However, there are a lot of British folks that swear that sub MAH ren ner is the way its pronouced.

Reading several sources tells me that the people that actually work as Submariners elected to use the pronunciation Sub mah REEN ner at some point in time and that is what they use. Dictionary tells me that both pronunciations are acceptable.

So next time you walk into a Rolex store and use one of the pronunciations, and the Rolex salesperson corrects you not-so-discreetly by intentionally using the other pronunciation, you can throw this in his face 😀