Faced with the decision of whether to purchase the Omega Seamaster Chrono Diver or the standard Omega Seamaster Chronometer, I ended up with both of these models. They are both wonderful watches, with an understated look compared to that of the Breitlings that I am used to wearing. Most of my friends that see the Omegas think they look bland and not worth their money. I say they are classic icons that stands the test of time.

I’ve taken several pictures of them together for comparitve reasons. The Seamaster Chrono I have is the Bond version, while the standard model is the Black dial/bezel with sword hands.


I like the more dramatic contrast of the black dialed Seamasters, but the Bond seamasters seem to be more popular. The bracelet on the Bond model is also a bit more busy, and the watch overall has a busier look, partly due to the subdials.


As you can see from the above pic, the Seamaster Chrono (right) is MUCH thicker than the regular one. The bezel is thicker, the back is thicker, and the case is thicker. The feeling on the wrist is quite different between the two.


The Seamaster Chrono, which is the one in the front, has a newer style back with the Omega monster logo in super-size. The standard model has the older style back, and I’m not sure if it is because it is an older model or because they just have not changed the back on those yet. I haven’t seen any of the new style backs on the standard Seamaster 300m yet.

Now, a couple of wrist shots so you guys can see the two on my small 6.75″ wrists. First the Seamaster Chronograph:

Now, the Seamaster Chronometer:

So, as you can see they are acutally quite different watches, more than simply the same watch but one with the chronograph. Both are certified COSC Chronometers, and use modified ETA movements.