That’s a good question. In my mind, if the crown falls off the watch, it should be fixed by Breitling under warranty… that’s assuming it unscrewed from the stem. However, if it snaps off the stem, then that’s a bit more difficult. Was it abused? Was it a fault stem? These are things that Breitling must consider when looking at the problem.

I received an email from someone and the email says this:

“Hello there! Thank you for your website, it was really helpful, I have fews questions that I hope will get an answers.
My father bought almost 10k for breitling watch. Last time, he lightly pull out a dial(knob) to change the time, and that little knob fall off. I sent it to Breitling to fix it, they charge me $984 to fix it. My father just bought a watch last year, warranty is 3 years. Should they fix this with no charge. Becuase it is such an expensive watch, and you lightly pull out a dial to turn the time, it fall out and they considered this not cover in the warranty. You know a lot about watch. What should I do? Can you please advice.
It is so unreasonable that I bought a watch, and something wrong with the dial installment, I have to pay to get it fix? So, they meant that Breitling is made out of cheap materials and cheap equipment? For example, if something wrong with the chain then it is our responsibility to fix it, but there should not be any wrong with the watch right? The dial is 18kt gold, and the watch is expensive, my father treat it very nice and genlte.
SO, what shoud I do now??
thank you for your time reading this, I really appreciated it.”

Now, warranty is usually 2 years, so I’m not sure where they got 3 years. I am waiting on a reply from her since $984 is an incredibly large amount of money to fix a broken crown stem. If its costing that much to fix whatever it is sounds like it should be under warranty, unless they smashed the watch against some pavement or something.

But it made me think. What if your crown does fall off? Is that covered? What if you take your watch swimming, is that covered? The Breitling warranty manual is somewhat ambiguous when it comes to what it covers. I personally have had no experience with Breitling Warranty as I have had no problems with my watches. I took them in for servicing and that was that. I had to pay.

I’m hoping some of you guys might be able to chip in or shoot me an email with some info!