The second thing I always look for when I am browsing watches online is the diameter of the watch. The first is to see if I like the design. Nowadays I don’t really take notice of anything under 42mm, if it’s over 46mm, that’s the best!

Thing is, not all 48mm watches are created equally. I’m going to compare two 48mm watches watches just to show you. Actually one is a 48.7mm, and the other is a 48.4mm watch. The two watches are the Breitling for Bentley Motors and Breitling Super Avenger, respectively. The Super Avenger is typically considered the largest watch in the Breitling Repetoire, however, I feel that the Flying B might be, though I do not own one to compare with… its a bit pricey for me! So I’ll have to compare some Super Avengers with the Bentley Motors.

As a side note, I should say that lighter dials also present a larger wrist presence than dark dials typically. So if you want the watch to appear bigger, go light!

Here is a side by side of the two for you to take a look at, notice that the size is quite similar. The depth of the Super Avenger gives it a look of thickness. It is, in fact thicker:


The Super Avenger is 18.6mm, and the Motors is 15.2mm. Quite a difference, and the difference gives both a very different look and feel on the wrist. The Super Avenger is much more noticeable and less comfortable to me.


As you see in the above picture, the Super Avenger (on the left) is much thicker. 3.4mm makes quite the difference on the wrist, and my first day wearing it I had to remove it from my wrist several times during the day simply because it wasn’t very comfortable. This was not the case with the Breitling for Bently Motors.

I’ll leave you with a couple of wrist shots, on my small 6.75″ wrist. So you guys get an idea of what either watch looks like on, and which you may prefer and other factors to consider besides diameter!

Here is the Breitling for Bentley Motors:

And here is the Super Avenger (this time in white):

Notice the Lug-to-Lug is much longer on the Super Avenger… that is a stat that many watches don’t give you, but can make a difference. Omega’s in general tend to have a very long lug-to-lug length. Hope you enjoyed the article!