Maybe it’s my age, or the age of people around me now, but it seems like the whole world has been struck with automatic watch fever. All my friends around me have slowly become interested in the world of watches and I’m meeting more and more people with the same addiction and enthusiam to watches that I have!

My father has gotten into Breitlings as well having two peices that I picked up for him, with his friends getting into the Breitling brand. One of our friends that owns a Bentley Continental GT just bought a Breitling for Bentley Mark VI. Other friends of ours are now getting into the hobby and I’m finding that all my friends are asking me to help them pick up deals on certain watches on the secondary watch market. Its quite remarkable really.

Even small brands like Fossil are making automatics, with entry levels brands like Invicta creating increasingly expensive watches, and even making Swiss made watches. Invictas watches are very well made, but their involvement with Chinese made watches cheapens their brand in my opinion.

Antiquorum, the market leader in Watch Auctions broke 8 world records with a sale of $9,283,000US. Rolex sales broke record after record, and the future of watch collecting looks extremely promising. Even pocket watches, that I picked up on ebay a year ago would cost me double what I paid now! Now is the time to buy watches, as they will continue to cost more and more.

Being outside of the US, its very beneficial for us to buy our watches from the US right now, as there is such a significant discount from the lower US dollar.

Ask around.. you might notice an increase in watch enthuisiats around you. I certainly do!