Received an email today from a visiter referring to a American Express Breitling watch, apparently exclusive to the company. I am not aware of such a watch… wondering if any of you are? I do particularly find it rewarding when users email me with praise about my website, as I did spend a lot of time developing it and the backend for it as a serving system for Breitling watch information and building the forum up from nothing.

The Amex Breitling that this guy talks about is interesting to me since Breitling does not make exclusive watches anymore, and you pay a lot of money to have your logo put onto the watch face as mentioned in a prior article.

This is what he posted in the email:


Was just looking at your wonderful website and thought you may be able to help me.

Back in about 1982/83 I purchased a Breitling watch from American Express. They used to have catalogues of some very nice unusual items, and as I was living in a very remote and rugged part of Australia I ordered the Breitling watch.

It was satin black and had quite a small face, almost like a ladies watch. It had a simple face in black also and was waterproof to some ridiculous depth. The band was a matching black metal band and for its size it was quite a heavy timepiece. It was a very durable watch and took all kinds of beatings in its stride.

I had a jeweller replace the battery and he broke the winder mechanism simply because he didnt know what a Breitling watch was or how they were constructed. He failed to unscrew the winder first to break the seal so he forced it with a tool. The watch was ruined and has since been lost.

I would like to know if you are familiar with this timepiece? I have never seen another one in all my travels and would like to know what it was as I can seem to find one on the net either. Apparently they were exclusive to AMEX.

Can you help? I hope so. If not, thanks you for your time and thank you for a wonderful web site.”