Breguet Guilloche

Ever wonder what those Guilloche Patterns were called on the dials of many of the swiss watches you own? I did.. and looks like Breguet, of the Swatch Group decided to give us a little guide as to what they are called.

1. Clous de Paris on the main dial
2. Satine Circulaire on the hour circle
3. Saute Pique (or Pique releve) on the minute circle
4. Vieux Panier on the upper half of the subdial at “9”
5. Decor Flamme on the lower half of the subdial at “9”
6. Pointes de diamant (or Pave de Paris) on the subdial at “3”
7. Grain d’orge circulaire on the small seconds subdial at the “6” (and on the rotor)

These refer to the types of Guilloche on the Breguet Dial only, but similar patterning is seen on other types of watches. Here is a very short video that shows a guilloche machine working on a dial.