There are some people out there that are very passionate about their blogging, and they are very passionate about their friends. One fellow that posted in my blog (i did not allow users to view it, and have deleted it) wrote me this:

“You’re some sick f*****. Taking advantage of somthing that could potentially be serious, and turning it into traffic for your pointless attempt at a blog.

Rot in Hell.”

There were no asterisks in his actual message. Obviously he chose to stay somewhat anonymous, using a gmail account, and no signature to let me know how to contact him publicly in an email. My blog discusses cool new watches for the most part, and other things I find interesting to make an occasional break from the watch discussion.

First of all, I don’t know how my post makes me a sick so-and-so. I don’t even know what is going on.. I saw strange phrases in Technorati that I dont know why they are there and posted about them… I was really only trying to spread the word about Technorati to people that currently read my blog. But whatever you want to believe… I dont think your response is very mature either.

If something happened to Bryan, I hope he’s okay too… but just to go through the trouble of taking down your blog and having your fiance put up a vague message is something that I don’t normally associate with having a health problem. If i suddenly had a heart attack, I wouldn’t tell my fiance to take down all my sites… they’d just stay up, but no one would up date them. I thought someone maybe hacked it. But whatever. That’s all I’m going to say about this… Obviously the blogosphere is has some (not all) very passionate people that are very close minded about what happens outside of it.

Tune in next post for a review of the AWESOME Sinn 6100 Regulateur watch… I just got this baby and it is a HELL of a watch!