Have you guys ever heard of Technorati? Maybe, maybe not. There’s a good chance that you haven’t, since most of my visitors are not the blogging type, and tend to just be interested in high end watches. I’m not a big fan of Technorati but I like to hit the front page and scan down the list of most common hot searches… It keeps me tied in with the blogging community and lets me know who’s looking for what.

I’ve always been intrigued by the names and searches that come up in there.. for example today’s hot search is Kathy Sierra. Who is she? Who knows.. Wikipedia says she’s a game programmer that wrote some books with some other guy.. nothing I’m all that interested in.. not enough to find out why she’s on top.

A while back Tammy NYP, who was a singapore girl who somehow had a home sex video released on the internet was the hottest search… the funny thing is the video came out over a year ago. So many bloggers have tried to understand what is causing these Technorati searches to show up.. some think it is a perpetuation since when someone sees others searching, they search too. Makes sense.. I do that!

Second on the list right now is Avalonstar… some designers blog that has a message from his fiance on it right now, and the entire blog has been removed. Odd. Dunno what htat means either… and why people are all blogging about it? maybe to get exposure to their own blogs? Maybe that’s why I am doing it? dun dun dun…

No seriously though, its a weird phenomena. Other weird terms searched for include Joost, Sanjaya and Paris Hilton… i can understand Paris Hilton.. but I’ve never heard of the other two. Joost is some sort of online streaming video software. Overall, technorati is a great way to check out what is new out there and what everyone is talking about… check it out. I highly recommend it!