Got an interesting email this morning:

“I was wondering if you could help me out or let me know if this has ever
happened before.

I purchased a Chrono Avenger II from a certified jeweler in Sydney
Australia in 2002 (about 5 years to the day that I purchased it). This
morning, I looked at the watch face to find that the Breitling wing logo
had detached from the watch face and was sliding around in the case.

I could see to very small pins in the back of the wings and the watch face
had two very small holes from where the wings had come loose.

Has this ever happened that you know of?

My wife brought the watch to a Breitling certified jeweler and they said
two months to fix…and to add insult to injury, it apparently is not
covered under warranty.


I’ve removed the signature to maintain his anonymity, but I get similar emails every day from site visitors asking me about things that have happened to their Breitlings. I’ve seen the applied logo fall off before, but the Chrono Avenger does not have an applied logo so i’m not quite sure how this happened… must be a different watch.

Anyway… does anyone else have any stuff like that going on ever? weird.