To go along with the review written a while back I have a video review for your viewing pleasure (or not!). This is still one of my favourite gents watches out there but I am selling to make room for a new Breitling for Bentley Motors. The large dial is beautiful and the loupe that comes with it is testament to that. Hope you enjoy the review. The beautiful Sinn 6100 Manual Wind Regulateur.

Sinn Regulateur

Absolutely AMAZING. This watch can be summed up into 2 words, and those are them!

I absolutely love this watch. From the moment I opened the package and laid my eyes on it, I was fixated. The dial is beautiful with it’s sunburst Guilloche pattern, blued steel hands, and applied blued steel arabics. The watch is very large for a dress watch… 44mm wide so it sits with prescence on your wrist.

Sinn Regulateur

The blue Crocodile pattern Sinn Strap is very well made, It is a bit stiffer than the leather straps from Breitling which I tend to prefer, but very palettable and quite robust. The Strap is calf leather with a Croc pattern on it, not genuine Croc. Watch sits at about 10mm thick, so it is not extremely thin, but not thick either.

Sinn Regulateur

Check out that Detail!!! The watch comes with a loupe so you can look at the movement and dial with it and see all the intricacies that Sinn has modified! Very cool watch. I always find myself looking at it and not able to look away! The watch also comes with a CD Manual, not a written one. The guilloche is nicely done tho the lacquered letters look a bit lost in the pattern sometimes.

Sinn Regulateur

The Unitas 6498-1 Movement that Sinn has modified is called the SZ 04. Sinn has modified it to a Regulator configuration and has tweaked it to perform at Chronometer standards. The watch is keeping time within 2 seconds per day since I have received it. Amazingly the watch is water resistant to 100m, even with the push-down crown. It uses Sinn’s new D3 system. The movement as you can see is decorated very nicely.

Movement: 9/10
Case/Crystal/Crown: 9/10
Dial/Hands: 9/10
Strap / Buckle / Bracelet: 7/10
Accuracy: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10
Packaging / Manual: 7/10
Overall Impression: 9/10

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