Every so often, a watch is released that simply touches your soul, your very being and calls to you.. and you simply must have it. For me, that watch is the Panerai PAM 572 announced earlier this year and starting to become available now. This is a very sweet watch, and features the new in-house P.4000 Caliber movement with Microrotor.


Nice, versatile black dial with sweet antiqued lume arabics and indices. The 1940 case is really cool because the dial is really big in proportion to the case and gives it a neat vintage Panerai look. I would have preferred if they left the word “Automatic” off the front of the dial, or maybe they could have made it all caps. The 1940’s case is a neat cross between the Luminor case and the Radiomir case, which is one of the reasons that I really like it. It kind of gives a Radiomir feel but with some of the features I prefer like regular lugs.


That’s the sweet new P.4000 caliber movement, with the microrotor, which is another feature that has always struck my fancy. Something about a well executed microrotor has always attracted me and the fact that Panerai has decided to go that route is pretty cool in my mind since its not necessarily a popular trend. Really really want this one, and at $8,900USD, it seems like a pretty reasonable buy.


Here’s a close-up of the microrotor P.4000 movement in the PAM 573, the red gold one, which is the same movement that’s in the PAM 572 save for the finishing details.

I will be on a search for this watch as its simply too perfect for me to let slip by!!!!

The Panerai PAM288 has always held a special place in my heart, partly because the fellow whom helped me with this site when I started it back in 2008 had one, and provided some photos for me to use for it on the website. I haven’t heard from the fellow in quite a number of years now, but those great photos and beautiful PAM 288 always left an impression in my mind.


Something about the classic Radiomir case paired with the slightly busier chronograph dial and tachymeter bezel just did it for me. The thicker case also really looks fantastic especially with the deep-set dial. Its funny, with this watch I have found that people really love the look of it even more than the Luminor style, which they usually prefer over the Radiomir. I have gotten countless compliments on this watch!


The head-on shot is good and represents the overall feel of the dial accurately, featuring the two sub-dial chronograph layout and no date. It still captures the spirit of the Radiomir style in its standard 45mm diameter, without compromising too much as I have felt that some of the Submersible and other Chronograph models can depart too much from the classic Panerai style.


Nice close up of the dial face, showing the yellow superluminova lume, and precise white lettering on the matte black dial. Simple, understated and unmistakable. 100% Panerai.


The extra-thick case and bezel as seen from the side. Much more substantial than the base Radiomir models, and very fitting for this slightly sportier Radiomir. Pushers are simple, and suit perfectly.


The case back is the standard issue solid Panerai model as you can see. The case features 100m water resistance, as engraved on the case back. Beating beneath its solid exterior is the Caliber OP XII movement, which is a Valjoux 7753 Base.


I installed a 24mm Heroic18 strap on the PAM288, even though I think it would have looked better with a 26mm strap. There’s some gaps on the sides of the strap on the lugs. Still looks pretty good, and I wanted to get it on something a bit thicker than the OEM strap. I have some great 26mm straps on the way I got specifically for this watch!


A bonus lume-shot that I don’t usually take, but just happened to remember this time and Panerai’s always have great lume. The 288 is not a sandwich dial, but it is not a slouch in the Lume department.


And as always I end with the wrist shot. Looking great on my 6.75″ wrist. I have found with my new DSLR camera that the wrist shots actually make the watch look smaller on my wrist than they actually do. The watch wears very nicely on my wrist, and the 45mm diameter suits me just fine. I love the thicker case, as it gives a substantially different wrist feel and presence than my Panerai PAM183.

Overall I am very happy with this watch!

Production Years: 2007-2011
Movement: Calibre OP XII
Power Reserve: 46 hours
Water Resistance: 100m
Dial Color: Black
Bezel: Polished Steel
Case: Polished Steel
Caseback: Solid
Crystal: 1.9mm Sapphire
Diameter: 45mm
Strap/Bracelet: Alligator
Lug Width: 26mm

I’m reposting with his permission, a wonderful story originally posted Julio Grey on hit site: This story is about him presenting some straps originally made by Peter Gunny to some Celebrities, including the famous Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Its no secret that guys like Arnie and many other celebrities, are big watch aficionados.

The original article was written in Spanish, but has been translated by the author and permission has been granted to post it here in English. All photos are copyright the original owner. I think its a cool story, and hope you guys enjoy the read.

Those who know me, know my passion for watches; I’m not sure if its intrinsic relationship with time and my busy life or travel and be my constant companions always the case … is that what you from my communion and gift of my grandfather from my first clock, I think since always (and always say) my wrist has gone with a clock … always.

Since then they have spent many years and many adventures; the latter has been an accumulation of coincidences that concluded as the title says “A beautiful story of watches and straps.”

The year 2010 was the year that the movie “The Expendables” Sylvester Stallone premiered. I had already had contact with him, thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger and in March of that year, I could enjoy a few days with both in the U.S., back in March, Sly, Arnold recommended, go to the European campaign the premiere of “The Expendables “in France, England and Spain (August 2010). It was during that trip when I could see up close a watch brand that captivated me from the first moment, Panerai, the brand that Sylvester is a expert and even had an exclusive series dedicated to him; the Slytech as a tribute to the selfless help he did (almost accidentally) when Sylvester made the film “Daylight” (In Spain, Pánico en el túnel) where wearing a watch that mark and was a sales a lot of watches, (and the movie result a big and great succes in all the world).

© All rights reserved

Sylvester, is a great guy, with a mind for business and marketing commendable and as such I got into my veins the fever Paneristi brand watches. So much so that in turn ended up having a wonderful gift for the brand and that would have led to other models … But we do not leave the main theme; history.

After that, my relationship with Sylvester deepened as I have always treated such celebrities as more people like celebrities, and even “Rocky” for me was a demigod, I never let that stand in my role of photography .That led to Sly trust as sometimes happened to make him some photographs of staff and more familiar ground, as he had done before with other characters of his status.

After a time, I met a craftsman straps for watches. Panerai is a brand that has become just as important for their watches by wearing their belts watches and Peter Gunny ( Gunny Straps ), is one of the most recognized worldwide for its special models and exact replication of models of straps that’s exist only in museums and not marketed. In my case, I needed a special belt for one of the watches that they had given me and when I contacted him, although you never do not say anything, we did a good friendship, he is also a great seller and serious in his work craftsman. So one day out of the conversation I had to return to U.S. to meet somebody and told him he was another “fan” of Panerai, another Paneristi; which is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and once I told him why I had so much love to one of his watches (Arnold is known for his hobby of collecting watches), the watch in question is a Panerai Egiziano; a special commemorative edition Panerai performed for the Egyptian army. A truly spectacular watch for its size (60mm diameter) and robustness. Quite a vintage 1956. Precisely why Arnold loves that watch for his “grandiosity and robustness.”

© All rights reserved

When I mentioned this to Peter Gunny told me if I had noticed the strap he wore, what he nodded, and he wore the original belt manufacturing today, and he told me; Why do not I make you a replica of the original watch strap that 1956? I told him if I could and that was the big mistake, because for Gunny, the challenges are his greatest motivation. The anecdote was an “okay, if you want to try it” and the challenge became a few weeks later, Peter wrote me and said; “I have finished the challenge, I’m going to send.” I had said to him that if something like that could spark a friendly “war” between Sly and Arny, because both have same watch and both are in love with that watch. So when I said the challenge was done, I put my hands to his head, – God, I messed up- I thought – I can now create a conflict that pleases one and not another- so I commented Peter and I decided to intrude and collaborate more on what he had done to do something really spectacular. If we do, do it right! I said.

And so, Peter rebuilt his idea, made and sent me a package with something very, very special …

Sylvester and Egiziano © All rights reserved

Arnold and his Egiziano © All rights reserved

When the package arrived, I had to commute to customs, because what Peter had done was not just a strap Panerai Egiziano, but had made a box with wood that had been made in the 50 boxes to deliver military watches and also had not made a single, but had two models; one, the vintage replica and another more contemporary … and also not only that, but he had done in triplicate, a box for Arnold, Sylvester and another box … a box for me with an adaptation of the strap vintage clock that had given me the year everything happened promoting The Expendables and everything else …

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

Three fantastic wooden boxes, a high value, since wood is a very coveted among collectors and high quality.

© All rights reserved
Each box with a plaque dedicated by Peter Gunny

© All rights reserved

When I had the box in my hand I was very surprised at the very heavy weight of them, that wood is a hardness and weight had never known, very similar to teak. Is soft to the touch, but if you hit it with the knuckles, it sounds incredibly “opaque” as if it were metal.

© All rights reserved

When Peter asked me how to make straps and boxes, I said that the more “rough” Might over them both; is all known that both Arnold and Sly are passionate about the weights of the skulls, weapons, and everything about battles and wars (especially Arnold, who is a collector of antique weapons). Peter initially had devised a box with trimmings and with great details and said; – Hey, that’s nothing Peter, robustness and ease, they see that they are handmade!

To uncover the velvet covering the straps, I realized that there was 100% successful in my choice of the artisan. Gunny had done exactly that on more than one occasion, Arnold had said he would like for Egiziano. Peter, recorded several details on the straps, especially one for each belt and owner were so UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE straps. All handmade details and antique burnish. Simply perfect for what we wanted to offer Arnold (in this article I will talk only Day Gift Arnold).

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

As you can see, the straps have great detail, a jewel, to set in another gem.
And it was time to give surprise to Arnold, he said nothing and took advantage of an event to make delivery thereof, was the surprise was huge and could not believe what he had prepared. I did not expect something even remotely, because not everyone knew his passion for this clock and history. Only he and Sylvester.

© All rights reserved

To capture the moment of delivery (especially Arnold’s face to see what we delivered was not expecting that, I chose my partner Jan, will make delivery of the box and so I could take the pictures. All end with all the hype we had mounted “pipe” because Arnold brought Joe Manganiello, True Blood actor and co-star of his latest film “Sabotage” still has not been released in Europe series.

© All rights reserved

There was a time when Arnold “forgot” about people and plunged into the box and straps … at that time, Arnold’s face changed, and he became a child, examining and looking straps, while his friends talked to Jan, because he had disposed of all at once … “returned” to the reality and the media attended.

© All rights reserved

Once he came to, he began to ask questions to Jan, literally firing questions a lot of questions, questions that sweet Jan knew poor answer because she does not understand or Panerai straps or loops or woods … so I had to stop shooting to answer some questions about how Peter Arnold had made the straps and was documented to build them.Arnold, like a child with new shoes, begins to explain to his friends what he has in his hands and ask questions again giving equal else.

The next day, Arnold already wear one of the strap on his watch … 🙂 A few days later, we received a letter from Arnold … the same day, which was given in the afternoon, Arnold through its office contacted Peter Gunny interested in their work. They also called us to thank us the detail and surprise.

© All rights reserved

When I opened and read the letter, I moistened eyes, and automatically sent it to Peter, knew that Arnold had excited him and detail was really appreciated.

© All rights reserved

Then the best way that Arnold gave us was to see Peter Gunny straps, on TV, in promotions, in the photographs of the media … everywhere … Arnold is happy with, as he says: “The big bands for any big watch”

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

If I can boast of something, is that I have to do something that is, for me, much more important addition to having been photographed or being with great personalities. I become friends if any. 🙂

© All rights reserved

I want to publicly thank Peter Gunny of ” Gunny Straps ” the FANTASTIC work he did with the manufacture of belts, these and all he has done for me my personal watches, each and every one of them being handmade and EXCLUSIVE for the quality and skill of the craftsman when to perform them. Thanks Gunny, Buddy, you are simply “THE BEAST” and of course THE BEST.

Love this modern take on the classic Crystal Ball table clock from Panerai. Dubbed the Panerai PAM581, this is definitely a cool piece that would look awesome on any watch collector’s desk. Its got an 8 day power reserve in it’s manual wind movement, the P5000 calibre.


I have been so busy with my real job that I haven’t had a chance to post my comments and thoughts on the new watches released this week at SIHH. There have been quite a few that have gotten my attention, and I’m just trying to find the time to talk about them. I’ll start with the whole Panerai Lineup, since I’m passionate about Panerai, and I really like their watches.

First, lets take a look at the new base model watches:

PAM560 Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio

PAM561 Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio Replacing PAM114

PAM562 Luminor Base 8 Days Titanio Replacing PAM176

PAM563 Luminor Marina 8 Days Acciaio Replacing PAM113

PAM564 Luminor Marina 8 Days Titanio Replacing PAM177

The new P.5000 In-House caliber line of base model Panerai are very nice, and a nice upgrade to the entry level PAMs. This will make them more expensive, but also more exclusive and give them a longer 8 Day power reserve, which is a welcome feature for many. I think this is a fantastic upgrade to the line, but will also make the price of admission much less achievable for the common buyer.

Most of these models are replacing older models that have been around for around 10 years or more, but the interesting thing is the PAM112 does not appear to be discontinued even though the PAM560 looks to be its predecessor. Overall, I’m quite excited to see what these new pieces bring to the brand.

PAM518 Radiomir 1940 Chronograph Platino

PAM519 Radiomir 1940 Chronograph Oro Rosso

PAM520 Radiomir 1940 Chronograph Oro Bianco

The other interesting pieces I found in the line-up are the Radiomir 1940 Chronographs. If these were available in steel, I would be all over them, but Panerai has followed in the footsteps of Rolex, only offering certain movement and dial configurations with precious metal cases in order to increase exclusivity and rarity. I really like these dials, and I like that they only made them on the Radiomir 1940’s style, as the detailed dials do not suit ant of the other case types. The vintage style chapter ring really gives the watch an interesting feel.

Overall a nice release from Panerai, without too much deviation. Just some solid bolstering of the existing line-up with a little bit of pizzazz with the pocket watches and the Radiomir Chronographs. Nice work. Also, several pieces were discontinued.. see below.

Discontinued Models for 2014
Panerai also announced that they would be discontinuing the following models:
PAM 114
PAM 176
PAM 219
PAM 113
PAM 177
PAM 439
PAM 504
PAM 505
PAM 299
PAM 25
PAM 297
PAM 241
PAM 244
PAM 270
PAM 275
PAM 289

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