November 2009

I’ve been working dilligently at finally releasing a better more complete Panerai Millesimation than is currently available anywhere. This is quite labourious as information is not easily found anywhere. If you have some ANY info on L Series Millesimations, please comment or email me with the info. I would be very grateful for the information. I promise to you guys that I will try and keep the most up-to-date and complete Panerai Millesimation out there.

Check out the new Panerai Millesimation Database.

I have a few more updates to make before I push the new database live, as there have been some more updates than what is currently there as well.



I’ve again upgraded the online pricelist to now have an HTML version that can be dynamically sorted on the page! My PHP Skills are not very good, seeing as I am not a programmer, but I cobbled together something that I found quite useful. Its a good way to order the watches by price or model name for any year so you can play around with it a bit.

Click Here to Try out the New Breitling Pricelist

Just caught a glimpse of these on the LV Website, which due to its all flash contruction does not allow direct linking to the page. Just check out Mens > Travel > Travel Accessories and there is a 3 Watch Roll, and this 8 watch Case. The US price on this baby is $4070! Let your watches travel in style. The smaller roll is $620, so much more affordable. While I’m not a huge fan of the Watches from Louis Vuitton, these cases are kind of cool if you like their Monogram look, and their construction is usually quite good as well. If these were in Graphite Damier I might not be able to resist buying one…

Measurements on trunk:
13.4″ x 7.1″ x 4.3″

– Monogram canvas, natural cowhide trimmings, microfiber lining
– Golden brass pieces
– S-lock with key
– Removable cushions for the watches
– Leather trim reinforced with rivets, golden brass corners

Noticed there is much less interest this time around.. maybe people have forgotten about the free stuff? AMOC members, remember to make your entry for the raffle!!

Prizes are cool this time too!

1 – Breitling Swiss Wenger Pocket Knife
1 – Breitling Lanyard
1 – Black Hirsch Liberty 22x20mm Strap – Donated by mah (thanks to forum member mah)

Link to Forum Page:

Many of you Dive watch guys are well familiar with the German watch company Kazimon. Their watches feature precision, custom german made watch cases and dials fitted with Swiss movements. Their watches are not cheap, and like most German Dive watch companys, their watches don’t really maintain their value on the secondary market from what you paid. However, they do make a pretty darn cool looking dive watch,

Water Resistance: 1500m
Diameter: 42mm
Lug Width: 22mm
Crystal: 4mm Sapphire
Movement: ETA 2824-2
Features: elastically supported movement, stainless steel movement holder, double sealing on case, blue superlume on dial and hands.
Price: 990 Euros


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