February 2008

Like Fungus!

Sorry… I just really wanted to say that. Back to business… the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is probably one of the ugliest popular watches out there in my opinion, and I never really liked them. However, that is starting to change. The lines do not flow, the bezel is clunky, and it usually sports a set of very out-of-place looking Arabics. But obviously the designers at Jaeger are doing something right, because the watch sells.

I am starting to like the Larger Reverso Grande’s, with the bigger face and thick straps. Check out this bad boy:


That’s the JLC Grand Reverso Complication a Tryptique… it is mind-boggling crazy. Under the first watch is another set of comlications on both the rear and the base of the watch.. just too many to list! It won the Watchtime Reader’s Choice Watch of the Year for technical innovation last year. I’m not surprised! (notice it didn’t win for Design 😉 )

In a way, they remind of me Beer and Wine, and Spyderco Knives. An acquired taste, one that develops when a distinguished gentleman reaches a particular point in his life or somesuch. Or maybe it’s just a taste you never acquire.

At any rate, the JLC Reverso is not a watch I like enough to buy, but it is starting to turn my head when I see one. The dials are certainly beautifully made, and the reverso mechanism is machined beautifully to very exacting tolerances. I really enjoyed playing with the one I handled. But in my opinion, the Reverso is one of those watches that is so ugly it is beautiful.

Anyone else feel this way?

Finally posted my video review of the Omega Seamaster 300m. This is the non-Bond version, black dial and black bezel. I accidently called it a unidirectional Crown in the video.. DUH.. i suppose the crown is unidirectional when its unscrewing too 😀 but yeah, i meant bezel. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video. This is one of my favourite seamasters, not counting the Planet Oceans.

Most of you guys are familiar with Jaeger-LeCoultre, at least enough to know that they make a fine watch. A lot of WIS’s out there consider them to be the best bang-for-buck manufacture out there, and for good reason. Their in-house movements are among the most affordable out there, with their Reverso watches gainly a lot of popularity for their unique design. I do like the Reversos, but the one that really caught my eye is the JLC Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic.


This is a nice big sized watch at 46.3mm, and has a thick chunky titanium bezel that is unmistakably a Divers. The chunky crowns look beautiful, and are characteristic of the Master Compressor watches from JLC. This bad boy goes 300m deep. There is also Master Compressor Diving GMT and Chrono that are 44mm around which have 1000m water resistance.

The coolest thing about this watch is the mechanical depth guage. This watch will tell you how deep in the water you are! Here are the tech specs:

Diameter: 46.3mm
Case: Titanium
Movement: Calibre 979
Power Reserve: 48 hr
Water Resistance: 300m

I’ve also posted a pic of the 44mm Master Compressor Diving Chronograph below. This watch does NOT have the mechanical depth guage and though is still a beautiful watch, not quite as remarkable as the Diving Pro Geo.

Finally here is the video of the guys at JLC doing live water tests with the watch!

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